There are literally THOUSANDS of businesses out there to choose from. Most of them are pyramid-type deals or other pie-in-the-sky schemes. With so many choices, why choose Coastal? What makes it different? Well, first of all, let’s look at some facts

According to the latest networker poll, here are the top 10 criteria people are looking for:

  1. Substantial immediate income
  2. Low initial capital
  3. Product Value (can sell itself)
  4. No need to keep product on hand (no inventory)
  5. Easy to use, proven system
  6. Company Stability
  7. Duplicable
  8. Worldwide Appeal
  9. Exponential Growth
  10. Long term income

That’s a pretty tall bill for any one business to fill. Most businesses meet at least 2 or 3 of these criteria, but very few can meet more than that. Many people have tried program after program, trying to find the perfect one, and finally decide to give up. They lose hope that the “REAL THING” truly exists.

Well, what if I told you that Coastal meets *ALL* of the above, and even more?

We have merged two of the hottest industries today – Travel and the Internet. The result is a business that blows the competition away. Let’s take a closer look at that list again as it applies to Coastal…

  1. Substantial immediate income  – $1,000 – $3,200 for every new client referral

  2. Low initial capital – Start your very own REAL business for less than $1500 capital up front.

  3. Product value (can sell itself) – The Coastal Package is worth over $15,000, and yet we retail it for just $1,300.

  4. No need to keep product on hand – You mail the order to the shipping center, and they drop ship the product directly to your clients.

  5. Easy to use system – Full training provided by your own personal mentor who has had established success in the business and can show you the ropes. If you can give out a website address and a phone number, you can do this!

  6. Company stability – The Coastal package is over 25 years old, and has been marketed this way for over 10 years. All the companies we represent are at least 15 years old, and are all licensed and bonded, as well as listed with the BBB.

  7. Duplicable – The company offers tools for your success and also for the success of anyone you teach. Systems are already in place, one simply has to plug-in and get started!

  8. Worldwide appeal – The Coastal opportunity is available worldwide. The package can be used by anyone, anywhere.

  9. Exponential growth – Although Coastal is not multi-level, there is exponential growth built in.

  10. Long term income – Once you are a Coastal Director, you are a Director for life! There are no yearly agent fees, no minimum sales requirements, no inactivity penalties…. this business is yours forever.

But we don’t stop there….. there’s more…..

  • No waiting on checks – You are paid directly by the customer, so you get paid FIRST. You then send the wholesale cost into the shipping center, and the package is drop shipped to your client. Because the company doesn’t pay you anything, they don’t keep track of what you do. There are no 1099s at the end of the year. It is up to you to keep track and report what you make.

  • No restrictions on marketing – Most companies make you get your ads approved and have to “ok” your ideas before you can use them. Not Coastal. This is YOUR business. You are completely independent. If you can dream it up, you can do it.

  • Everyone loves to travel!!! – Travel is the one thing that has universal appeal. Families, businesses, non-profit organizations, retired couples… everybody…. loves this package. Even the biggest skeptic will perk up his ears when you start talking about the Coastal package.

  • Dozens of effective marketing methods – Our Directors use many different methods…. some use the internet exclusively, some just over the telephone, others solely in person. You can use postcards, seminars, trade shows, newspapers, magazines, the internet, business-to-business… the possibilities are endless! And, as part of your personal training on our team, you will be taught about each of these methods and how to use them.

There is no better business out there. I know, because I have looked. My husband and I have been in the industry for over 15 years, and have tried just about every program possible. This is the ONLY thing that ever made us any substantial income, and it has been consistently doing it for over 10 years now. This is all we do. It is our only income. How many people can say that? That their business they run from their home pays all their bills all by itself? Very few.

Stephanie Stovall

Coastal Freedom Team Founder

Coastal Director since 1999
Gold Certified Level 3 Director
Board of Directors Member for 12 years